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LIFE08/NAT/IT/00325 “WOLFNET” Project

Development of coordinated actions for the protection of the wolf in the Apennines

Territories involved: Abruzzi, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Calabria and Basilicata.

Coordinating beneficiary: MAJELLA NATIONAL PARK.

Associated beneficiaries: Pollino National Park, Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona and Campigna National Park, Provincial Government of L’Aquila, Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Lazio and Tuscany and Legambiente ONLUS.

The Life Wolfnet Project represents definitely the first attempt of conservation and coordinated management of the Wolf in the Apennines, with the participation of: 3 national protected areas among the most important ones in terms of the history and the current presence of the carnivore in their territory; a Province, among the largest ones in Italy, which are characterised by the predominance of mountain territory; a technical and highly skilled organism in terms of health and medical-legal aspects; a non-profit association, which works in the whole Italy, promoting coordinated and innovative environmental management models and sustainable development models.

Logo of the project Life Wolfnet

In particular, the Life Wolfnet Project is the virtual place of the experimentation and carrying out of the conservation and coordinated management initiatives aiming to promote the current gaps existing, from a technical but also procedural and administrative point of view, in the management systems of the problems related to the presence of the Wolf in the Apennines. Its ownership belongs to different authorities, such as the Parks, the Provinces and the Regions, and because of its heterogeneous and fragmented administration, today there is the risk of maintaining or, worse, increasing the critical elements and the conflict, recreating, paradoxically after several years of protection, an unfavourable climate for the conservation of the species.

The project activities have been organized to hinder the threats, described above and considered the most important for the future of the wolf conservation in Italy. The summary below shows what the partners of the project are concretely realizing to create new opportunities and measures hindering these threats.

  • Increase of the conflict against the wolf, due to the inappropriate normative and procedural systems of the compensation of the damage.
  • Persistence of the hostilities towards the wolf by the breeders and the local communities because of the inappropriate prevention and limitation measures of the conflict.
  • Illegal dead.
  • Persistence of risks or development of new critical health situations for the wolf’s population.
  • Direct or indirect trouble towards the wolf in the reproduction areas and during the reproduction period and towards the different phases of the biological cycle.
Image capture of a wolf - Life Wolfnet project
Image of two operators with a wolf - Life Wolfnet project
Image of a wolf during the Life Wolfnet project
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