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Natura 2000 network

Among the policies of the biodiversity conservation, one of the most effective and innovative normative instruments is the Habitats Directive of the European Union, which aims to the conservation of natural and semi-natural habitats and wild flora and fauna.
The innovative nature of the Directive is due, on the one hand, to the foundation of a coherent and ecological network, called Natura 2000, of Sites of Community Importance and Special Protection Areas, the latter designated under the Birds Directive, and on the other hand to the following theory: endangered species can be protected through the conservation of the habitats where they live.

An important aspect of the Habitats Directive is the Assessment of the Implications, compulsory for projects and plans directly or not directly connected with the Natura 2000 sites or which can adversely affect the habitats and/or the species for which the site has been designated. Over the last years the Directive has been modified/completed, especially with regard to the entry of the Eastern Europe countries in the EU, with the consequent update of the annexes containing the lists of the habitats and the species of Community importance. Every site has its own card, where the geographical and administrative aspects and a general description of the characteristics of the site are listed, as well as its habitats and its species of Community importance, with assessments about its conservation status, and the main threats to which the site is exposed.

In the Park there are the following Natura 2000 sites:
SPA “IT7140129 Parco Nazionale della Majella”, which corresponds to the whole area of the Park;
SCI “IT7140203 Majella”, 36.119 ha;
SCI “IT7110204 Majella Sud Ovest”, 6.276 ha;
SCI “IT7140043 Monti Pizzi-Monte Secine”, 4.195 ha;
SCI “IT7130031 Fonte di Papa”, 811 ha.

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Image of a wood
Image of a lanscape of the mountain in the Park
Image of a lanscape of the winter in the Park
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