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Quality flora monitoring

Biodiversity loss is one of the urgent problems of contemporary world. Conservation of endangered species needs research to support management choices. Majella National Park activated a monitoring program in order to know demographic tendencies of five rare plant species:

Pinguicula fiorii
Populations don't show, in almost every investigated station, a reduction of individuals. Flowering and fruiting amounts are rather fluctuating, but always high anyway. This species isn't really endangered at the moment.

Androsace mathildae
A high level of turnover of its cushions is associated to a progressive increase in number and a decrease in dimensions. The flowering and fruiting amounts vary during the years, without noticeable changes in trends.

Soldanella minima subsp. samnitica
The number of individuals is subject to small fluctuations, probably depending on the season meteorological tendencies. The percentage of fruiting flowers is generally low. Therefore, some dangers could appear on the long term.

Cypripedium calceolus
The only known population in the Park is diminishing: the few tens of individuals and the number of flowers are constantly decreasing. The very few units of fruits can't get to ripening every year. The extinction danger is locally imminent. The Park Entity has already activated some safeguard actions for this species.

Lonicera nigra
In the only station of the Park, the few tens of black-berried honeysuckle individuals present wasting main branches while productivity is in charge of one or few young branches. Anyway, this doesn't compromise the reproductive success of the population, showing fair flowering and fruiting amounts. Also in regard to this extremely rare species, the Park Authority has activated some conservation actions.

Similar researches have just been started on other plant species of Community interest: Adonis distorta, Astragalus aquilanus e Himantoglossum adriaticum.

Image of an Adonis Distorta
Image of a Cypripedium Calceolus
Image of a Soldanella Minima Samnitica
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