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Cave of St. Angelo di Lettomanoppello

Municipality: Lettomanoppello (PE)

Locality: Vallone di S. Angelo, at about 650 m a.s.l.

Building: The hermitage is constituted by a 22 m wide entrance hall divided in the middle by a stone spur creating two almost semicircular rooms.
The deepest niche is 8 m and it is crossed by a stone base supporting a little altar formed by a foliate capital holding up a statue of archangel Michele.
A reproduction is currently on display, as the original one is now located at the Museo delle Genti d'Abruzzo in Pescara. The statue was related to the sculpture of Angel Gabriele on the side of the apsidal window of St. Tommaso di Paterno at Caramanico. The deep stylistic affinities permit to suppose that both the reliefs were made in the 13th century by the same artists. In front of the stone spur there was probably a church, of which nowadays only a little rectangular paved fence, commonly called St. Angelo’s Bed, remains.

History and traditions: The only information about this place is contained in a report written on the 11th of October 1844, addressed to G.M. Saggese, bishop of Chieti. The presence in the territory of Lettomanopello of a region called St. Angelo is attested; at that time a ruined church existed, but it was used for officiate ceremonies every year on the 8th of May until the century before.
According to a legend, a saint man used to live both in the town and in the cave. One day he couldn’t be found anywhere and in its place a statue of the angel was found out in the cave where the man used to stay. The statue was brought in the church of the town, but after three days it disappeared. In fact it went back by itself at the original place and, climbing up the stone base, it leaved the footprints on it.

Reachable with path: S path (Spirit Path)

Visit information: Information Centre at St. Valentino A.C. and Visitor’s Centre at Caramanico Terme – Tel. +39.085.922343

Image of the cave of "S. Angelo di Lettomanoppello"
Image of the inside of the cave of "S. Angelo di Lettomanoppello"
Image of the outside of the cave of "S. Angelo di Lettomanoppello"
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