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Hermitage/cave St. Angelo di Lama dei Peligni

Municipality: Lama dei Peligni (CH)

Locality: High portion of the St. Angelo Valley, at about 1,260 m a.s.l.

Building: There's a large entrance hall of about 20 m wide, with few remaining traces of walling, which are useful to sketchily reconstruct the original structure.
The front part of the cave was entirely closed, with just one access in the middle, while the inner part was formed by two rooms of different size. The former, still preserving the remains of a little altar topped by a wooden shrine, was the presbyterial area of the complex, as testified by the presence of a stoup, carved in the stone of the entrance wall; the latter room, of smaller size, was the housing area of the hermitage.

History and traditions: The first certain attestation dates back to 1447. The “Registro dei fuochi del Regno di Napoli” (the fires register of the Naples Kingdom) mentions a certain Margarita Concubina prioris Sancti Angeli de monte (“Margherita, the St. Angelo del Monte Prior's concubine”). Nonetheless, the dedication to St. Michele Arcangelo leads to assume an early Middle Ages foundation. In 1838 this place was mentioned in the Decreti della Prima Santa Visita (Decrees of the First Holy Visit) by G. M. Sagese, Bishop of Chieti. According to a local tradition, in 1656, to avoid the plague, the rich notary De Camillis took refuge here; a century later, the finding of a boot filled with golden coins caused the demolition of the walls by the locals who were searching for a possible treasure.

Reachable by path: The path is not marked and starts near the Chamois Faunistic Area (to be marked soon).

Visit information: Visitor's Centre of Lama dei Peligni – Tel. +39.0872.916010

Image of outside of "S. Angelo di Lama dei Peligni"
Image of landscape of "S. Angelo di Lama dei Peligni"
Image of "S. Angelo di Lama dei Peligni"
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