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Rock tombs of S. Liberatore

Municipality: Serramonacesca (PE)

Locality: Along the Alento river at about 330 m a.s.l.

Building: The rock tombs of St. Liberatore are reachable by the path starting from the square in front of the St. Liberatore's church and leading to the shore of the Alento river.
The complex consists of a mountain side of 20 m long inside which three tombs carved in the rock, a little recess and a small chapel find their place.
The tombs are of the “arcosolium” type usually used in the christian catacombs especially by the noble class. This kind of entombment can be considered not posterior to the 10th century.
Proceeding along the side and passing through a small chapel - which holds a basin used as stoup – three steps lead up to a podium on which a statue had to rest. On the back of the podium some remains of frescoes are visible, but now resulting unreadable due to humidity.

History and tradition: No information about the history of this complex have come to us. However, it is possible to assume - given the proximity of St. Liberatore' church – that a group of hermits lived in the area around the 8th or 9th century and used the cave complex as a worship place.
There they buried their dead until the group grew larger and organized and the complex lost its function while remaining a sacred place. The rock complex was probably dedicated to St. Giovanni as can be seen from the local toponymy: the place is still called San Giuannelle.

Reachable by path: n° 5

Visit information: CEA (Center for Environmental Education) Grande Faggio – Tel. +39. 0871.898143 - +39. 335.5995995

Image overview of the rock tombs
Image of a rock tomb
Image of the rock tombs
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