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St. Croce (or St. Pietro) del Morrone

Municipality: Sulmona (AQ)

Locality: Morrone, at about 1,379 m a.s.l.

Building: It’s a little building with a rectangular plant consisting only of a nave topped by a fairly intact barrel vault, even though in time it has experienced some slight cave-ins.
A small conch window stands above the little altar, while on the right wall there’s a deep niche. No traces of decoration can be found inside. On the left side another entrance was made, but today it’s walled up.
On the outside there are no traces of walling which could testimony the presence of housing structures, but it’s possible to speculate about their existence in the past.

History and traditions: The church of St. Croce del Morrone – also called “St. Pietro’s Hermitage” – already existed in the 12th century and was under the authority of the Bishop of Sulmona. A century later, friar Pietro del Morrone just arrived in Sulmona renovated and adapted it to his own hermitic needs.
Catania (wife of the notary Giovanni di Riccardo and daughter of master Benedetto, physician of Sulmona) and her sister-in-law Gemma (wife of Panfilo di Riccardo) testified at the “Canonization Process” that the “St. Croce del Morrone place” was one of the religious places built or renovated by Pietro. Scholars lose track in the sources from the fourteenth century on; maybe due to the mountainy site it was abandoned or used only occasionally. It was suppressed definitively in 1807 with the St. Spirito Abbey of Sulmona, of which it was a dependence.

Reachable by path: S (Spirit Path)

Visit information: Information Centre in Pacentro – Tel. +39.0864.41304 - +39.349.8474470

Image of building of "S. Croce al Morrone"
Image of inside of building of "S. Croce al Morrone"
Image of building of "S. Croce al Morrone"
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