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St. Germano church/hermitage

Municipality: Pacentro (AQ).

Locality: Malvarano hill, at about 1120 m a.s.l.

Building: The complex is placed along the street leading from Pacentro to Campo Giove, and it is formed by two rather small rooms: the oratory on the right and the housing area on the left, which were built in different eras.
The church had a rectangular structure, with the part between the front and the presbytery covered by a barrel vault. A part of this is still visible above the marmoreal altar, but it is heavily daubed. Above this altar there's a niche containing the half-length statue of the patron: this was probably bishop St. Germano, who was particularly revered by Cassinian monks.
The facade originally had a horizontal crowning on the front, that was used to hide the external pitches of the roof, as the remains of a straight ending  visible on the higher part on the left testimony.
The small bell-gable almost in the middle of the complex is the product of a 1985 reconstruction, by will of a certain De Angelis, who promoted the restoration of the entire building, as the inscriptions on two little stoops in the counter-facade with the date 1987 carved prove.
Evidences of a structural reinforcement with solid buttresses in the north-east corner of the building allow to suppose a partial collapse of the structure probably due to one of the earthquakes in this area, like the 1706 one. The housing structure is partially collapsed, but a wooden roofing was recently built to protect the inside.

History and traditions: The church was built in the first decades of the 14th century, as the date (1428) carved on the architrave of the frontal gate testimonies. The housing area probably rose during the 18th or 19th century, as the craftsmanship of the entrance gate proves. It is also likely that it was used by shepherds as a shelter during transhumance.

Reachable by: the road leading to Passo S. Leonardo. It is just outside the housing area of Campo di Giove.

Visit information: Campo di Giove and Cansano Information Centre – Tel. +39.320.8134997 - +39.0864.576185

Image of landscape of "S. Germano di Pacentro"
Image of "S. Germano di Pacentro"
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