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Stone complex of St. Liberatore

Municipality: Serramonacesca (PE).

Locality: Near St. Liberatore, at about 335 m a.s.l.

Building: Hidden in a thick vegetation, the stone complex of St. Liberatore is placed beneath a stone wall 20 m distant from the street which leads to the benedictine abbey named after the same Saint.
The monument, with a pseudo-rectangular plan and irregular vault, is constituted by a pediment leaning against two columns; one of these is shortened by the entrance of the first cell and by a niche in the center of the facade.
Both the pediment and the columns present delicate incisions. The building has two cells: the former (170 cm x 130 cm) was enlarged during a late chiseling phase, whereas on the left side of the room a long seat was obtained. The latter (150 cm x 80 cm), located at about 4 m away from the other one, has a square form and a barrel vault with a very low arch. Another small niche was dug in the opposite wall from the entrance, while traces of the door, of the holes for the hinges and a little doorstep can be found in the entrance.

History and traditions: The building was presumably created by the will of the benedictine monks of St. Liberatore, that used it to obtain tombs or new hermitic cells. Moreover, its later use as a shelter for animals cannot be excluded.

Reachable by: the street from Serramonacesca to the monastery of St. Liberatore a Majella

Visit information: CEA (Center for Environmental Education) Grande Faggio – Tel. +39. 0871.898143 - +39. 335.5995995

Image of the interior of the stone complex of S. Liberatore
Image of the rock of the stone complex of S. Liberatore
Image of the stone complex of S. Liberatore
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