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Tradition and folklore

On this "Sacred Mountain", the religious feeling permeates every places.

Majella doesn’t splits, but it joins and feeds on.
Majella hosted, for a very long period, peculiar systems of life mainly connected with the sheep farming and agriculture. The folk holidays of Park municipalities are important evidences of a forest, rural and pastoral culture: the omen of a good crop, the concern for the natural strength and the need to defeat the Evil.

Moreover, jointly with the joyful atmosphere of the holiday, there are also the rites and practices strongly connected with an archaic religiousness: the holidays calendar beat the time of Communities life.

The most well-known events are: the Living Crib of Rivisondoli, the holiday of S. Antonio Abate, the “panicelle” of San Biagio in Taranta Peligna, the religious procession of Good Friday and the Running Virgin in Sulmona; the holiday of S. Domenico in Pretoro, Madonna della Libera in Pratola Peligna; parade of “Verginelle” in Pretoro, “Corsa degli Zingari” (Gipsy Race) in Pacentro and the holiday of “festa dei cornuti” (Cuckold Day) in San Valentino.

Image of the running of little gypsies
Image of an event
Image of an event
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