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Abruzzo jasmine

Image of Abruzzo jasmine

Family: Primulaceae

Scientific name: Androsace mathildae Levier

Description: It is a plant that can grow up to 1-3 cm, with basal short and woody stems, forming a thick bush with white or rosy isolated flowers on peduncles. It grows over 2,300 m a.s.l. on the shady rocks of the alpine zone and blooms between June and July.

Distribution: Endemic species of Abruzzo. Due to its rareness it can be found only on the Majella and Gran Sasso massifs (in the past it was considered a species with amphi-Adriatic distribution for its presence was registered also in Montenegro. Now considered as a separate species).

Note: It is a rare endangered species, included in the “Lower Risk” category (LR) of the Regional Red List of the Italian Plants and it is also included in the Annex II and IV of the “Habitats” Directive of the European Commission.


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