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Apennine genepì

Image of Apennine genepì

Family: Asteraceae

Scientific name: Artemisia umbelliformis  Lam. subsp. eriantha (Ten.) Vallès-Xirau & Brañas [= Artemisia petrosa (Baumg.) Jan. ex DC. subsp. eriantha (Ten.) Giac. & Pign.]

Description: Plant which can grow up to 15 cm, creamy-white, with a strong aromatic smell. It has yellowish flowers grouped in heads of 3-4 mm, forming a spike. It blooms between June and August and grows on cliffs and rocky surfaces at the higher altitudes.     

Distribution: Mountains of southern Europe.

Notes: This species is protected by the regional law n. 45, 11.9.1979 and is listed within the national and regional Red Lists of the endangered species, under the “Vulnerable” category (VU).

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