Golden rain

Image of Golden rain

Family: Fabaceae

Scientific name: Laburnum anagyroides Medik. subsp. anagyroides

Description: Deciduous shrub or small tree growing up to 6-7 m, with erect trunk, smooth ash-green bark and young tomentose branches. Alternate leaves, made ​​up of three elliptic leaflets, gray-green on the upper surface and with white silky hairs on the bottom surface. It has sweetly scented yellow flowers, grouped in long pendulous racemes; a legume of 4-8 cm, pubescent, with not winged suture; legumes remain on the plant during the winter and contain black seeds. It grows in deciduous forests and at their margins.

Distribution: Spread in southern and eastern Europe, very common.

Notes: Following some interpretations, “Majella” could be named after the vernacular word “maio” used to indicate this plant. Within the Park, also the rarer Laburnum alpinum is present. Both are extremely poisoning for the presence of a toxic alkaloid – cytisine – which paralyzes the nerve centers.

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