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Great yellow gentian

Image of Great yellow gentian

Family: Gentianaceae

Scientific name: Gentiana lutea L. subsp. lutea

Description: It is a herbaceous perennial plant that can grow up to 40-150 cm. It is glabrous and glaucous, with bigger roots (1-3 cm in diameter) and yellow whorled flowers. It blooms in mountain and sub-alpine grasslands, between June and July.

Distribution: It is a species that grows in the southern European mountains and it is common in the Apennines. 

Note: It is an endangered species due to its indiscriminate gathering for the production of liqueurs. It is included in the “Vulnerable” (VU) category of the Regional Red List of the Italian Plants and according to the Abruzzo Regional law 11.9.1979 n. 45 it is a protected species.

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