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Majella columbine

Image of Majella columbine

Family: Ranunculaceae

Scientific name: Aquilegia magellensis F. Conti & Soldano

Description: Perennial and sticky plant, growing up to 45 cm. Leaves are thickened in the bottom part of the stem. Flowers (3-4 cm) are pale purple or light blue to almost white, with characteristic nectaries equipped with spur. It blooms from June to July. Shade-loving plant, it grows on dripping rocks and ground holes at mountain altitude.

Distribution: Endemic of central Apennine, it is present in Abruzzo and Molise, while its presence is uncertain in Lazio and Campania.

Notes: Endangered species, listed in the “Lower risk” category (LR) of the Italian Plants' Red Lists, both national and regional, and protected by the the regional law 11.9.1979 n. 45.

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