Marsican iris

Image of Marsican iris

Family: Iridaceae

Scientific name: Iris marsica I. Ricci & Colas.

Description: Perennial plant which grows up to 65 cm, with an underground knotty rhizome that emits new leaves and floral scapes every year. It has showy dark purple flowers with a line of hairs at the center of the external lacinias. It blooms in May-June and grows in mountain grasslands.

Distribution: Endemic of the central Apennine, it is present also in Umbria, Marche and Lazio.

Notes: Endangered species listed in the “Lowe risk” category (LR) and protected by the EU “Habitat” Directive, Annex IV and by the Bern Convention.
Iris germanica
, quite similar, is also present within the Park, but it is a species cultivated for ornamental purposes which tends to become wild.


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