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Sannitic spurge

Image of Sannitic spurge

Family: Euphorbiaceae

Scientific name: Euphorbia gasparrinii Boiss. subsp. samnitica (Fiori) Pignatti

Description: Perennial plant which grows up to 30 cm. It has leafy stems, woody at the base, and alternate, simply and toothed leaves. Flowers are yellow-green. It blooms between May and June and grows in wet meadows, mostly mowed, at mountain altitude.

Distribution: Endemic of the central Apennine, it is present in Abruzzo, Marche and Molise.

Notes: Rare entity, listed in the Red List of the endangered plant under the “Lower risk category” (LR). Latex, as in all species of the Euphorbia genus, is caustic and irritating.

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