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Yellow cornflower

Family: Asteraceae

Scientific name: Centaurea ceratophylla Ten. subsp. ceratophylla

Description: It is a herbaceous perennial plant that can grow up to 5-70 cm, with leafed branches in the upper portion of the plant. It has yellow flowers grouped in a head wrapped by scales with a long spine. It blooms in June-July and grows on dry rocks and ledges at hilly and mountainous altitudes.

Distribution: Endemic plant of the Central Apennine, it is widespread in Abruzzo and also present in a few localities of Marche (Catria Mount and Acuto Mount) and of Lazio (Teve Valley).

Notes: Endangered species listed in the “Lower risk” category (LR) of the Italian Plants' Red Lists, both national and regional. It is protected by the regional law  11.9.1979 n. 45.

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