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Cultivating bio-diversity

The diversity of environments that characterizes the territory, along with the presence of a cultural underlayer still giving a lot of importance to traditional habits, allowed the conservation of an agricultural biodiversity which is completely disappeared in other places. It consists of a patrimony of numerous native species created by a long and balanced co-evolution between man and his natural environment. Agricultural biodiversity has been endangered, but our farmers preserved it wisely and today the Park conserves and valorizes this patrimony through the project "Cultivating bio-diversity". The planned actions aim to recover, conserve and valorize local agricultural species, supporting qualifying interventions in order to create a lasting and sustainable development. The researches carried on in the territory allowed the rediscovery of numerous local species, which are still scrupulously guarded by farmers.

To facilitate conservation, the Park Custodian Farmers Network was created by those cultivating and commercializing those species. Thanks to them, the  safeguard of agricultural biodiversity is guaranteed and local species can continue to evolve, maintaining the connection with their original cultural matrix. Aiming to reduce the endangerment, some other ex-situ conservation actions were started, at the Majella Germplasm Bank and at the Park's Botanical Gardens, where species are cultivated in showcase-fields.

During the development of the project, also a network of quality restaurants and agritourisms was constituted. Conceived to be meeting places for producers and consumers, they offer dishes peculiar to the gastronomic tradition of Abruzzo and realized with local species produced by the Park custodian farmers. "Eating me, you save me" is the slogan for the promotion of local agricultural species in schools cafeterias within the territory of the Park.

Biodiversity in table (.pdf 3,7 MB) (didactic materials for schools)

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Custodian Farms

"Cooking bio-diversity" restaurants network

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Image of a peach while it's measured
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