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Quality honey

Honey characteristics depend on various factors, but firstly on natural resources used by honey bees. The territory of the Park has a great vocation for apiculture: as extending on about 74,000 hectares and at various altitudes (between 400 m and more than 2,700 m), it has a richness of natural environments, often intact, and of agricultural activities conducted in a balanced way with the environment.

The characteristic shape of the territory and its particular geographical position determine a floral and plant composition of great interest also for apiculture potentials.

Majella hosts a rich flora, with more than 2,100 entities in various vegetative environments. Along with spontaneous species, those connected to agriculture (like forage plants as common sainfoin, French honeysuckle, alfalfa and clover) are without doubt very interesting. Honey bees have the essential role of pollination for numerous cultivation and wild plants: acknowledging the various economical as well as environmental implications of such an ecological role, the Park has promoted special initiatives in order to create a better knowledge of this sector and to characterize the best productions of the territory.

The melissopalynology and organoleptic analysis conducted by the Operating Unity of the Experimental Zooprofilactic Institute of the Lazio and Tuscany Regions highlighted the high value of the Park productions, which are characterized both by interesting polyfloral honeys, produced by many floral species (as the name suggests) and by a significant presence of monofloral honeys, as the thymus clover, French honeysuckle, common sainfoin and savory honey. Honeys produced in the park present variable colorations, from white to amber, and a wide set of flavors, some with delicate and floral characteristics, other with strong and intense flavors which are typical of some monofloral honeys.

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