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The Quality Project for Zootechny

To complete the conflict prevention measures, carried out over the years, the QUALITY PROJECT has been created and it is a project for the assistance and exploitation of the extensive zootechny of the Park. In addition to accomplishing what the Italian Act no 394 of 6 December 1991 says, or “the application of management systems [...] appropriate to create the integration between man and environment, also through the protection [...] of the agro-silvo-pastoral and traditional activities”, the project attempts to create a correct management of the health interface between pet and wild animals. With reference to the problems of damages to livestock, it is an effective instrument to show the special attention of the managing authority towards victims and it attempts to adopt measures aiming to improve the management of the livestock and promoting the control of the losses related to the mountain livestock.

Among the initiatives realized over these years you can find:

  • Grants for prophylactic and antiparasitic health treatments
  • Grants for the genetic improvement of the flock
  • Free assistance and economic aid when there are particular management or health difficulties
  • Purchase of the very old animals to feed wolfs in the wildlife areasStudy and carrying out of particular structures for the management of the animals on pasture.

Thanks to the measures adopted with this project, 78 breeders agreeing to the initiative have established collaborative and habitual relations with the Park; they take part to training initiatives and receive a constant aid from the Park in controlling losses due not only to the predatory damages but also to other difficulties related to the mountain zootechnical practices Incentivi per i trattamenti sanitari profilattici ed antiparassitari.

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