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The wolf brings back the sheep

The restitution Programme of preyed sheep has come into being after the experience of the Majella National Park in managing the co-existence between carnivores/zootechny. The idea has been agreed and brought to the breeders notice and it aims basically at the restoration of the productive potential of the animal, which will get lost even if it is compensated with an adequate market value of the dead sheep. Thanks to this initiative the breeder resets the damage and the Park reduces substantially the funds distribution for the compensation.

When it is certain that the wolf has preyed an animal, the breeder receives, directly in the farm, a number of sheep corresponding, in terms of their commercial category, to the sheep dead or lost after the predation. Sheep brought back to the breeder are subjected to health checks and they are inscribed in the register of the ovine breed called Merinizzata Italiana, which is typical of the Abruzzi sheep husbandry.

With the formation of the “Park’s flock”, the Majella National Park manages, in agreement with breeders and/or in a special zootechnical centre founded by the Park, a group of sheep which can be given up to breeders who are damaged and request a compensation.

Image of a sheep for damaged breeders
Logo of the Majella park
Image of sheeps
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