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Wolfs and Sheep: Actions for their coexistence

Wolf never disappears on the Majella. In the past, the Majella has been the cradle of the wolf conservation and the source of its expansion in different Apennine areas, as well as the so-called “Mother Mountain” which can house thousand sheep and goats, belonging to the big or transhumant flocks owners, but also to the small flocks of the families living in the villages situated at the foot of the mountain: therefore the Majella has also kept a heritage of knowledge and traditions which has allowed the coexistence between wolfs and sheep for centuries. This heritage has been recently reconsidered, updated and readapted to the ecological and socioeconomic change through which this territory has lived, with a series of initiatives.

During the last 10 years, the Park has tried to limit as much as possible the potential conflict which can exist, in a situation like this one, where a healthy population of wolfs and a zootechnical heritage coexist, even if this last is decreasing compared with the past but it is still considerable and important from a cultural and economic point of view.

Among different measures adopted we can find:

  • Objective evaluations of the damages caused by wolfs to the livestock and rapid procedures to distribute the compensations are guaranteed;
  • Free entrustment of livestock guardian dog of Maremma sheepdog breed;
  • A loan for use agreement for: mobile homes to promote the direct care in the folds; mobile shelter for pregnant lambs and sheep; metal modular folds; electrified fences etc.


Anyway the conditions of the business vulnerability are evaluated from time to time and the appropriate prevention measures are agreed with the breeders.

Image of a Majella's landscape with a herda
Image of a dog
Image of a farmer milking a goat
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