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The Majella Park and Pan Parks

Majella National Park has been appointed with the Certification by the international foundation Pan (Protected Area Network) Parks, thus becoming the 8th certified Park in Europe as well as the first one in the whole Western Europe and Mediterranean area. This acknowledgement is given only to protected areas of major naturalistic value characterized by high management standards and strategies in developing sustainable tourism.
The main purpose of this organization is basically to guarantee the conservation of the European natural environment by giving economic incentives to protect nature. The cooperation among public bodies, economic operators and local partners give rise to a development in sustainable tourism. In this way it is possible to achieve the following aims:

  • A network of protected areas which have a remarkable naturalistic importance and high management standards;
  • A better knowledge of these areas considered European natural heritage;
  • The consideration of these areas as principal destination for real lovers of nature and highquality tourism;
  • An increase in public and political support to the protected areas, developing their economic value;
  • New employment possibilities for marginal areas.

PAN Parks aims to create a European network of wilderness protected areas and improve nature protection by sustainable tourism development. PAN Parks brings all stakeholders of Europe’s wilderness areas together. It applies a comprehensive approach to meet the ecological and social needs of Europe’s protected areas.

The PAN Parks logo represents a reliable and respected trademark for conservation management and sustainable development. It is a trademark for outstanding nature and high-quality tourism facilities, well balanced with the needs of wilderness protection and community development.

On the Park’s website, you can browse certified touristic operators (accommodation, catering and services), marked by the orange logo of Pan Parks.


Nominate Your Company to the certification Pan Parks:

Criteri per la raccomandazione alla certificazione (File .pdf - 128 Kb)

PAN Parks Verification Manual Application Form (File .doc - 106 Kb)

Modello candidatura - italiano (File .doc - 280 Kb)

PAN Parks Verification Manual Pre-verification (File .doc - 417 Kb)

Valutazione preverifica - italiano (File .doc - 1,2 Mb)

Image of a hike in the Park
Image of the Park in the winter
Image of a hiker in the snow
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