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Apennine chamois wildlife enclosure Lama dei peligni

Image of three chamois in the high mountains

It was inaugurated in 1990 as a part of the Apennine chamois reintroduction operation on Maiella, and today it's an important area with various finalities:

  • Educative, allowing everyone to observe this beautiful animal, and in general offering the opportunity to know the biology and ecology of this species;
  • Scientific, as it allows or facilitates studies (for example of ethology, physiology, veterinary medicine) which cannot be easily carried out in nature;
  • Conservative, as it constitutes a real animal reserve and a “genetic bank” useful for captive breeding, followed by releases in nature.

The Apennine chamois disappeared from Maiella at the beginning of the last century, but, thanks also to the individuals preserved in this wildlife enclosure, is back in our Park counting about 700 individuals, with a constantly growing population, as the yearly censuses prove.

The wildlife enclosure is situated in the Convento locality, with an extension of about five hectares and divided into five sub-enclosures presenting different environment typologies: rocky walls, woods and clearings; the specific morphology of the area, which is characterized for the most part by great slopes and by a widespread presence of blocks of stone, allows an easy observation of the animals.

At the moment, the area is inhabited by a group of ten chamois.
A Veterinary Centre was built to provide assistance to the wildlife enclosure.

Guided visits can be booked at the Visitors Centre at Lama dei Peligni. At the moment, Majella National Park is leader of the LIFE COORNATA project, for the coordinated conservation of the Apennine chamois (Rupicapra pyrenaica ornata) and carried out, for the first time, by all the protected areas hosting populations of Apennine chamois or potentially suitable for its reintroduction.



Management: Majella National Park Authority
Strada Provinciale Frentana – Locality Colle Madonna - Lama dei Peligni (CH)
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