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Apennine chamois wildlife enclosure Pacentro

Image of a chamois

The wildlife enclosure of the Apennine chamois was inaugurated in 2009 and is situated on the southern mountainside of Morrone Mount, a few kilometers away from the residential zone of Pacentro village. The animals living here come from the Lama dei Peligni wildlife enclosure, which was the first one to be inhabited by this species in captivity in Majella National Park.

The area, extending for more than 20 hectares, is the biggest among all the wildlife enclosure of the chamois and includes various typologies of environments: vast and inaccessible rocky areas (absolutely essential for many of the habits of this animal), big forest areas (where it looks for shelter during the hottest periods), pastures and clearings, where finally it feeds.
To provide some services for this area a small building was created to host an information point for visitors, a place for veterinary activities and a storage room. In 2012, only two years after the inauguration of the area, there was the first birth; at the moment in the area there are three beautiful chamois, which have perfectly passed the acclimatization phase, familiarizing very well with the surrounding.



Management: Majella National Park Authority
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