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Apennine wolf wildlife enclosure

Image of a wolf

The wildlife enclosure was activated during August 2003 mainly to allow knowledge of this species, as well as its significant ecological role, complex behavior and social characteristics. The wolf is a fascinating predator, which stimulated both people's imaginary and famous narrators since the ancient times; it is no coincidence that at Pretoro every first Sunday of May a scenic representation called “Lu Lope” (“the Wolf” in dialect) takes place, narrating the miracle of St. Domenico, the Saint protecting the town.

The wildlife enclosure is placed at 750 meters a.s.l. and at the moment it is inhabited by two wolves, a male and a female living in semi-captivity, and is shaped to offer shelter to others injured or “problematic” wolves found in nature. The wolves in the area are generally specimens born in captivity and so not destined to be introduced to nature.

In Italy the wolf has never been subject to reintroduction projects: the recover of population and the recolonization of a great part of mainland Italy mountain areas and of a part of Alps is exclusively due to the recovery capacity of this species as well as to the improvement of environmental conditions registered during the last decades, as the creation of new protected areas and the reconstitution of natural preys populations.

If in nature the spotting of a wolf is a very rare and random event, it is important to say that wolf spotting within the enclosure should not even be taken for granted, as the animals still conserve very elusive and reserved behaviors. The best hours to observe them are in the afternoon - during the winter -  and in the evening - during the summer; the chances increase a lot more during the feeding hours.

The wolf wildlife enclosure is a very significant facility to cultivate the awareness among tourists, classes and local people.

At the moment this species is subject to studies which are part of the LIFE WOLFNET project, led by Majella National Park.



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