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Bear wildlife enclosure

The MOM - Marsicano Bear Museum and the Brown Bear Wildlife Area are the two structures of the Majella National Park dedicated to the Brown Bear, the placido plantigrade, symbol of the mountain Abruzzo.

The two reception centers were built in the landscape of the Majella Orientale, the Upper Valley of the Aventino river and the Porrara, the mountain that dominates the village of Palena.

The landscape, characterized by acres and hectares of beech woods, banks of rock, valleys, rivers, represents the natural environment of the great mammal that has always inhabited these places.

The path of discovery of the placid plantigrade begins with the visit to the MOM Museum of the Marsicano Bear, housed in a wing of the former Convent of St. Anthony.

The exhibition rooms describe the biological characteristics and the living habits of the Bear, without neglecting the mythology, the history, the problems related to the risk of extinction and the projects to safeguard the species. The museum's strong point is its educational and scientific nature, the reproduction of a forest at night and an interactive wall that encourage the stimulation of curiosity for children, teenagers and adults.

The completion and enrichment of the discovery of the bear is perfected with the visit to the Brown Bear Fauna Area ... metaphorically the Museum opens its doors and accompanies us to the area hosting three specimens of European brown bear. The area extends for approx. one hectare, and is characterized by a forest of firs, bushes, fruit trees and grazing areas where it is possible to spot and observe specimens of Ursus arctos arctos born and lived in semi-freedom and unable to return to free life. An easy brecciated path, and a tunnel with sight windows on several points of the wildlife area, allow you to spot in complete peace and security the bears Caterina, Iris and Margherita, know their stories and address issues of awareness to respect the animals. The whole itinerary represents a moment of encounter with the bear to know it, love it and respect it. The two destinations of the Majella National Park are a sort of scientific pole with the purpose of raising awareness of the Marsican brown bear, a species that has always lived in the woods and mountains of Abruzzo, but today it is at risk of extinction. .



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