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European otter wildlife enclosure

Image of an european Otter

The area, which hosts one of the most important breeding centers of European Otter in Italy, is near the Visitors Centre at Caramanico Terme (PE).
The area has scientific and reproductive finalities, but it's also provided with a didactic enclosure where it is possible to observe four otters during their natural activities. The centre is divided into 8 big enclosures characterized by water courses and a thick riparian vegetation.

This mustelidae has essentially crepuscular and nocturnal habits and can be observed only during the sunset. Due to this fact, and also to avoid disturbing the animals, the guided visits take place only in small groups at sundown and only during some specific week days. Please, contact the Visitors Centre at Caramanico Terme to get the visits' schedule and to book your visit.



Management: Majambiente Cooperative
Via del Vivaio - Caramanico Terme (PE)
Phone (+39) 085/922343

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