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European roe deer wildlife enclosure

Image of a little European roe deer

The wildlife enclosure of the European roe deer is near to the famous St. Liberatore Abbey at Maiella, just a few kilometers upstream from the Serramonacesca village. The access to the area is free and animals can be spotted from the slits placed along the enclosure perimeter.

The European roe deer is a small type of deer, the male has a short set of antlers (generally with three points) which fall every year and grown back again at the end of winter. Females, from the late spring to the beginning of summer, give birth to one or two fawns with a characteristic spotted coat which facilitates mimicry; as a matter of fact, very often females relay on their coat mimicry capacities and on the absence of smells attracting possible predators, and leave the fawns hidden in the high grass, while they eat in the pastures. The fawns remain hidden in the grass until the mother comes back.
This natural behavior can be wrongly interpreted as abandonment: it's absolutely inappropriate for humans to intervene, in fact, if the fawn is picked up by tourists or excursionists, its smell is altered and, moreover, the animal is misplaced from where the mother is expecting to find it. The future of deers in those cases in inevitably compromised, and even if raised up, it would be destined to live in captivity anyway, as its behavior has been changed in an irreversible way.

The area near the wildlife enclosure presents a significant historic, archaeological and landscape interest: from the enclosure it's easy to descend to the Alento River to admire the early christian stone tombs; a little further there's the St. Onofrio Hermitage, nestled in stone and reachable with a brief excursion.



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