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Red deer wildlife enclosure

Image of a deer

This wildlife enclosure is situated at 1,500 m of altitude and was created on lands belonging to the Gamberale Municipality (CH) within the Ateleta Municipality (AQ), in the locality of Laghetto St. Antonio. The deer wildlife enclosure was funded in 2003 transferring animals from other wildlife enclosures and recovery centers; the great extension of the area, more than 10 hectares, and the presence of vast sectors of forest areas, bushes and pastures, along with natural water courses, contributes to make these animals' life conditions very similar to the natural ones, also present within other sectors of the Park, where deers live free.

It is easy to spot the animals, and from the middle of September to the end of October it's possible to hear their vocalizations - the so called bells - that adult males emit during the reproduction period. At the moment the area is inhabited by 16 deers.

As in all the wildlife enclosures of the Park, also the deer one is an important facility to increase tourists', classes' and population's awareness.

In the surrounding beech woods, there's a circle itinerary of great naturalistic value also accessible to disabled people.


Management: Majella National Park Authority
Laghetto S. Antonio - Ateleta (AQ)
Phone (+39) 0864.25701

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