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San Martino in Valle Abbey (9th – 15th century)

The Benedictine San Martino in Valle Abbey is located at the beginning of the extraordinary Fara San Martino Valley. After being completely buried by several floods, in 2009 the abbey was dug up thanks to a careful archaeological excavation. Near the Gorges you can watch the ruins of the gate, the entry court, the guest room, a chapel dug into the rock, the monumental porch, the Church with an entrance portal built with medieval fitted ashlar blocks, altars, small columns and bas-reliefs finely decorated.

Where: it is located in Fara San Martino and it can be reached after a walk of 10 minutes from the Gorges’ car park.

Curiosity: the “N’dorcia” is a procession organized in May by the San Martino hermit of Atessa’s believers (San Martino of Atessa must not be mistaken for San Martino Bishop of Tours which name is used for the monastery and the village). The believers walk in procession with a big candle adorned with leaves that they lay down on the ruins of the archaeological site. 

Information and visit: Fara San Martino Visitors Centre

Read more: the names Sala del Monaco and Santo Spirito (Monk’s Hall and Holy Spirit) show the presence of the Monastery during the centuries. The monastery was a small hermit cell, located in a cave, where the local monks performed spiritual rites and which name is also the name of the first part of the very long Fara San Martino Valley.

Image of the San Martino in Valle Abbey Image of the San Martino in Valle Abbey Image of the San Martino in Valle Abbey
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