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Sant’Antonio Wood

It is a wide beech wood preserved still today even if it is near important roads, between the Peligna Valley and Val di Sangro, that since the pre-Roman age were crossed. Probably it was a holy wood dedicated to Jupiter and during the Middle Ages the Sant’Antonio worship characterized it. Afterwards it was protected by the State like a “natural wealth”.

Where: it is near Pescocostanzo and it can be reached from Palena station or coming up from Cansano.

Curiosity: the wood, that is at a medium altitude of 1300 m, is a beech wood but you can also find maples, peer and Turkey oak trees with monumental specimens whose trunk can be 6 metres round.

Information and visit: Pescocostanzo Information Centre

Read more: the Sant’Antonio Wood is in Pescocostanzo, in a zone called “La Difesa” (the Defence), which name indicates a forest area where it was forbidden to cut the trees and to pasture sheep. It resembles the Spanish grasslands called dehesas, where the wood’s main function was to provide shade for sheep grazing in the surrounding grasslands.
In the wood you can find the rare Epipactis purpurata orchid, among the shrubs there are the gooseberry and the ribes multiflorum and among the fauna you can find the rare White-backed Woodpecker.

Image of the hermitage in the Sant’Antonio Wood Image of sunset in the wood Image of beeches
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