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Caramanico Terme

Caramanico is a spa situated on a rocky spur where the Orfento river joins the Orta river. During the 14th and the 15th century, when it was a feud of the D’Aquino family, it lived its period of glory. Since the late 19th century it became a famous spa thanks to its mineral water. From its quarters (Santa Croce, San Nicolao and Decontra) you can reach the Orfento Valley’s paths, while if you want to enjoy the most beautiful ski mountaineering places of the Park you have to move for few kilometres. Caramanico is also a stop of the Spirit and Park’s paths.

Where: it is located at the foot of the Majella massif and at the beginning of the Orfento Valley. You can reach it through the 487 provincial road from San Valentino in Abruzzo Citeriore and from Sant’Eufemia a Majella.

GPS: 42.157836 - 14.003427

Curiosity: on the 21th October 1860 in the morning, on the occasion of the vote for the annexation of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies to the Kingdom of Italy, the bandit Angelo Camillo Colafella headed a violent rebellion in the village. Three days later, after the intervention of the National Guard, the violence ended.

Information and visit: Caramanico Terme Visitors Centre

Read more: Caramanico is also the base of the most important Farming Centre of the European Otter. The Abruzzi and Italian Fauna Museum and Santa Maria Maggiore, San Nicola and San Tommaso Churches (in the nearby San Tommaso quarter) are worth a visit.

Image of Caramanico Terme Image of the Decontra Church Image of the ommaso Church
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