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Sant’Onofrio al Morrone Retreat and Ercole Curino Temple

Sulmona guards two jewels of the old religious culture.
The first one are the ruins of the Ercole Curino Sanctuary situated along the sheep-track that led to Foggia. Ercole Curino was an Italic divinity, patron of the flocks. The Sanctuary is rich in polychrome stuccoes and mosaic pavements; here important finds were discovered, among which two statues of Ercole, one of bronze and one of marble. The second one is the Sant’Onofrio retreat, located above the Sanctuary, on the Morrone western slope like “an eagle’s nest”. This rocky monastery, with the oratory (13th-14th century frescos) and two small cells, can be reached after a twenty-minutes walk through a steep but accessible path.

Where: it is situated in Sulmona, at the foot of the Morrone Mountain (Badia hamlet)

Curiosity: in 1294 Pietro Angeleri learnt about his election to be Pope just here, at the Sant’Onofrio al Morrone retreat.

Information and visit: Pacentro Information Centre.

Image of Sant’Onofrio al Morrone Retreat by Ercole Curino Temple Image of painting in the hermitage Image of the Retreat Cave
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