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San Bartolomeo in Legio retreat

The retreat is at an altitude of 600 m under a spectacular rocky roof. It was built before the year 1000 and it was rebuilt during the 13th century by Pietro da Morrone (Pope Celestine V) that lived here from 1274 to 1276. The frescos near the entrance, the wooden statue of the Saint and the two water springs, considered miraculous, situated in the retreat and in the valley below are very rare.

Where: it is in Roccamorice and you can reach it through a path from Macchie di Coco in Roccamorice and from Giumentina Valley in Abbateggio.

Curiosity: during the Saint’s day, on 25th August, pilgrims reach the retreat at night and then at down they walk in procession with the Saint’s statue in Roccamorice direction.

Information and visit: Caramanico Terme Visitors Centre and San Valentino Information Centre.

Read more: The retreat can be reached by four natural stairs. The most famous stairs, called Scala Santa (Holy Stairs), is the central one starting from the left side and watching the retreat from the valley. In the past pilgrims came up here praying on their knees. In the Park the retreats spread during the 11th century thanks to the monasteries and several shelters and natural caves.

Image of a fresco Image of the procession of August 25th Image of the source of the Saint
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