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San Giovanni all’Orfento retreat

It is one of the most spectacular and inaccessible Celestine retreats in the Park, in fact to this day you need to creep along a overhead rocky ledge to reach it. The water system built in the retreat to collect and purify water is very interesting and it is completely dug into the rock.

Where: it is located on a sheer face of the Orfento Valley, below Pianagrande. You can reach it from Decontra in Caramanico Terme and from Prati della Majelletta, through the B1 path (with a deviation on the S path).

GPS: 42.157876 - 14.072971

Curiosity: as the story goes people who are illegitimate children can’t go through the narrow ledge that leads to the retreat.

Information and visit: Caramanico Terme Visitors Centre (hire off-road vehicles).

Read more: Pietro da Morrone lived here for almost nine years, from 1284 to 1293 to enjoy the peace of this remote place of the Orfento Valley. Today only the hermit part of the old monastery (with the church and small cells) remains and it can be reached by a stairs dug into a ledge of the rocky face. The hermit is composed of two rooms with several niches and an altar.

Image of the passage to arrived on the hermitage Image of the cell hermit Image of a detail of the San Giovanni all’Orfento retreat
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