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Guardiagrele is a town of art famous for its artisans. Here the workshops of iron, copper and gold manufacturing flourish since centuries and Nicola da Guardiagrele, the most famous goldsmith in Abruzzi, was born just here. Santa Maria Maggiore Church, with its façade of the typical Majella stone, is located in the suggestive old town and under its side porch you can watch “San Cristoforo” (1473), a big fresco by Andrea De Litio.

Where: it is located on the Majella northern slope and it can be easily reached from Chieti through the Fondovalle Alento road and from Casoli/Fara San Martino.

Curiosity: in “Il Trionfo della Morte” (The Triumph of Death) D’Annunzio defines Guardiagrele as “la nobile città di pietra” (the noble city of stone).

Information and visit: Fara San Martino Visitors Centre

Read more: a deep valley starts just outside the village, in Bocca di Valle quarter. The F2 path crosses this valley and after about two hours of walk it reaches the San Giovanni Waterfall (975 m a.s.l.)

Image of a shop of Guardiagrele Image of S.Antonio Church Image of emblems
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