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Orta Valley

Orta Valley is one of the most fascinating canyons in the Park and it is considered the centre of the Park. The Orfento river flows into the Orta river that, in its turn, flows into the Pescara river beyond Bolognano. Around the year one thousand walled burgs, called “castrum”, rose along the valley and afterwards they became real villages like Roccacaramanico, Caramanico Terme, Salle and Bolognano.

Where: the river rises near Passo San Leonardo and flows between the Majella and the Morrone. It can be reached from Bolognano, San Valentino, Salle, Caramanico and Sant’Eufemia a Majella.

Curiosity: Piccioni, Oscura and Buco Maledetto Caves are some of the caves where, during the Neolithic epoch, the first communities of farmers lived and often used them as a place of worship and sometimes like a shelter.

Information and visit: Caramanico Terme Visitors Centre and Bolognano and San Valentino Information Centres.

Read more: the canyon is not very deep and for this reason near Bolognano lives a typical Mediterranean flora with species like the Phyllirea, the Holm Oak and the Rhamnus alaternus. In the valley the Piccioni Cave, the Cisterna Waterfall and the Luchi area are worth a visit.

Image of Orta Valley
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