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Morrone Mountain

After the Majella, the Morrone Mountain is the second biggest mountain in the Park. It is separated from Majella by Passo San Leonardo and to the north its spurs seem to touch the Gran Sasso (Popoli Gorges). Its medium altitude is 1700 m and its peak is just over 2000 m. On its slopes you can find pastures, beech woods, dry grasslands and rocky environments (the gorges of the north-eastern slope are very beautiful).

Where: it divides the Peligna Valley (with Sulmona) from the Orta River Valley. It can be reached from the villages located on the two slopes and from Passo San Leonardo.

Curiosity: Celestine V chose the Morrone as his ideal refuge and for this reason the name Morrone often follows his name Pietro Angeleri (Pietro Angeleri da Morrone).

Information and visit: Caramanico Terme and Sant’Eufemia Visitors Centres and Pacentro Information Centre.

Read more: several paths reach the Morrone, among them there are the long Park’s (P) and Spirit (S) paths that cross it on the high altitudes and reach the Sant’Onofrio and San Pietro retreats.

Image from Passo San Leonardo Image of the eastern side on Caramanico Terme Image of the Morrone mountain from the Majella
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