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Mount Porrara

Mount Porrara is the southern spur of Majella and it is 2137 m high. The Aventino river rises from its mountainside even if its water comes from the high altitudes of Quarto di Santa Chiara, where it reaches the deep mountain through karst infiltration basins and only downhill it can flow.

Where: to the west it is bounded by Mount Pizzalto, Piano Cerreto and Quarto Santa Chiara, to the east by Aventino Valley and to the north by Guado di Coccia that divides it from the Majella. It can be reached from Palena, Campo di Giove and Pescocostanzo.

Curiosity: not only Pope Celestine V (hermit in a cave near the Madonna dell’Altare Sanctuary) but also San Falco and San Nicolò da Forca Palena lived in the caves dug into this calcareous mountain.

Information and visit: Pacentro Information Centre, the Marsican Brown Bear Museum in Palena and the Guest House of Quarti at the Palena Station.

Read more: the Park’s Path (P) crosses its whole ridge, climbing from Guado di Coccia, reaching its two peaks and at last going down to the Palena Station.

Image of Mount Porrara Image of Mount Porrara Image of Mount Porrara
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