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Mounts Pizzi

These calcareous mounts are located in the  south-eastern area of the Park. It is a group of not very high peaks that end with Mount Secine. Their beauty is due to their wild landscape and their irregular and inaccessible orography. Here you can find wide beech woods or woods with beech and wild apple and pear trees that can be also big trees and isolated rocks or rocky outcrops (like the outcrop where Pizzoferrato is located). It is the perfect environment for the Marsican Brown Bear and you can also find rocky walls where rare species of plants live.

Where: they are located in the most southern area of the Park and the perfect starting-points to reach them are Pescocostanzo, Gamberale and Ateleta.

Curiosity: during the Second World War Pizzoferrato and the surrounding villages were the scene of bloody battles between on the one hand German and on the other hand the Allies, backed by the local partisans.

Information and visit: Pescocostanzo Information Centre

Read more: the excursions to Val di Terra, to the Pietra Cernaia and to the Deer faunistic area in Gamberale are not to be missed.

Image of woods of Mounts Pizzi Image of an accessible trail on Mounts Pizzi Image of the wildlife area of the deer
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