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Pennapiedimonte and Avello Valley

Pennapiedimonte is situated at the foot of the Tre Grotte Deep Valley, on a sheer ridge above the gorge of the Avello river. In the Valley there are deep canyons, caves almost inaccessible (Inferno and Faggi caves) and several caves for shepherds (the most famous is the “Fratanalle” one). A comfortable road starting from the first area of the Valley, called Balzolo, crosses the whole valley, while through the G1 and G2 paths you can climb in Prati della Majelleta or in Gobbe di Selvaromana direction.

Where: it is located on the Majella eastern slope and it can be reached from Guardiagrele through Bocca di Valle or from Palombaro burg.

Curiosity: the village gets its name from the rocky spur, called “Pinna”, situated on top of the village (called “Cimirocco” by the residents). The spur has a shape similar to a woman sat and for this reason it was identified with Maja Goddess.

Information and visit: Fara San Martino Visitors Centre

Read more: the 18th century parish complex, where there are some important paintings of Nicola Ranieri (1749 – 1850) is worth a visit. At the beginning of the valley, beyond the tunnel, there are several routes for sports climbing.

Image of the "Pinna" at Pennapiedimonte Image of Pennapiedimonte Image of Pennapiedimonte
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