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Pescocostanzo is one of the most beautiful cities of art in the Park. It is still a rich mountain small village that lived its splendour between the 6th and the 8th century thanks to the sheep-farming economy. Pescocostanzo is the Park’s jewel thanks to its stately homes, its monuments of the Renaissance and Baroque, its houses with vineyard and thanks to its handicraft tradition (goldsmith’s art, iron manufacturing, pillow lace).

Where: it is close to Quarto Grande and Quarto del Barone, the mountain region of the “Altipiani Maggiori”.

Curiosity: the name Pescocostanzo is derived from the Latin “pesculum” that means boulder, rock like the rock situated upstream the village, where the first settlement rose around the year one thousand.

Information and visit: Pescocostanzo Information Centre

Read more: the Santa Maria del Colle Collegiate Church, the Fanzago Palace, the Museo delle Origini, a museum where you can discover the history of the village, the San Michele retreat and the Sant’Antonio Wood are worth a visit. In summer it is the perfect starting-point for the excursions also for riding, while in winter it is the ideal place for the cross-country skiing thanks to its trails several kilometres long. 

Image of Pescocostanzo Image of Pescocostanzo in winter Image of a construction of Pescocostanzo
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