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Since the past Sulmona has been connected to the most important towns of the south-central Italy. It is the Ovidio’s town and it shows the proof of the Italic civilization (Ercole Curino Sanctuary), of the Lombard, Angevin and Aragonese domination and of the rich middle class devoted to the sheep-farming activities. In fact in the town you can find stately houses and monumental complex (Annunziata), elegant public works (medieval aqueduct) and religious buildings (San Panfilo Cathedral).

Where: it is located in the centre of the Peligna Valley. You can reach it through the A25 motorway, exit Pratola Peligna – Sulmona.

Curiosity: Sulmona is the town of the Confetti (sugar coated almonds), which history started in Roman epoch, developed between the 15th and the 18th century and continues nowadays. Walking through Corso Ovidio (the main street of the old town) you will be fascinated by the flowers and the baskets packaged with the confetti and coloured threads (in the past with silk threads).

Information and visit: Pacentro Information Centre

Read more: in Sulmona some international events, like “Premio Sulmona”, an international contemporary art show, and the Giostra Cavalleresca (an historical commemoration that takes place on the last weekend of July and on the first Sunday of August) take place. Near Sulmona the Badia Celestiniana complex and Sant’Onofrio al Morrone retreat are worth a visit. 

Image of Sulmona Image of the Abbey of Santo Spirito al Morrone Image of dragees of Sulmona
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