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Orfento Valley

Since 1971 the Orfento Valley is a Nature Reserve and it represents an exception to the deep and dry valleys of Majella because of its abundance of water. Several environments make it a paradise of biodiversity: in the valley, in fact, lives the European Otter, on the rocks you can find the Peregrine Falcon and the Reichembach Pinguicola (a small carnivorous plant), while over 2000 m the Apennine Edelweiss is common.

Where: it is located in Caramanico Terme where two paths start; you can reach it also from Decontra and San Nicolao quarters or from the Blockhaus Hill.

Curiosity: in the valley during the 20th century the deer and the roe disappeared, but thanks also to their reintroduction started in the early 1980’s today they live in the whole Park.

Information and visit: Caramanico Terme Visitors Centre

Read more: in the valley the San Giovanni and Sant’Onofrio retreats, the Scalelle path and the Ponte della Pietra Gorge are worth a visit.

Image of "Monte cavallo" Image of "Ponte del Vallone" Image of the beech forest of the Valley
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