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Fara San Martino Valley

Fara San Martino burg is a perfect panoramic viewpoint to discover the geological history of Majella, in fact you can watch the mountain with its fractures and its deep calcareous stratifications. Upstream from the burg starts the extraordinary San Martino Gorge, a gorge almost a metre wide and enclosed by vertical walls hundred metres high. The deep valley is almost 14 km long with a rise of 2400 m and rising little by little it changes its name in Santo Spirito Valley, Macchia Lunga Valley and Cannella Valley.

Where: on the eastern slope of the Park it can be reached from the north through Guardiagrele and Casoli and from the south through Palena.

Curiosity: as the story goes the San Martino Gorge was opened by the Saint “pushing with the elbow” to allow the local shepherds to reach the mountain.

Information and visit: Fara San Martino Visitors Centre.

Read more: San Martino in Valle Monastery and the small caves dug into the rock (by tradition the “prints” of the Saint’s elbows) are worth a visit. In the valley there are several karst caves and many of them in the past were places of worship and shelter. The caves Grotta dei Diavoli, Grotta dei Callarelli and Grotta de Li Trazzir are worth a visit.

Image of the San Martino Gorge Image of "Val Cannella" Image of "Valle di Macchialunga"
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