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Over seven hundred kilometers of trails divided into hiking trails lasting a few hours, or at most a day, three great trekking of several days duration, five circular paths dedicated to stone huts dry and thirty simple routes, which for duration, location and accessibility are particularly suited to families.
Particular attention should be given to paths that touch the high altitude Majella; it comes to long routes and far from population centers and where the bad weather and poor visibility may obtain for hikers not properly equipped and prepared orientation problems.
Visitors should always consult before making excursions, to visit or to the Information Centres which are located in the various municipalities of the Park.

Theme trails

The Majella National Park has three major trekking ahead with more days' journey: the path of the park, the path of the Spirit and the Freedom trail, in addition to an itinerary dedicated to the stone huts dry.

Hiking trails

More than 120 are the hiking trails in the Park. All identified with white-red trail, the lower valleys reach the highest peaks of the mountains of the Park groups, with varying levels of difficulty.

Hiking Family

Reserved for families, over twenty simple tracked and duration have been identified, location and accessibility are particularly suited to children and untrained people. Often these routes are close to wildlife areas, botanical gardens or other interest structures which combine a visit. Visitors should always contact the Visitor Centers or at the Park Information Centres in order to evaluate whether the chosen route is the most suitable to their own family.

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