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Theme trails

Spirit Trail

The Spirit Trail (73 km) is one of the great hiking in the Park. A journey in the footsteps of the hermit Pietro Da Morrone, future Pope Celestine V, who chose the most remote places and Majella for his journey of faith.

Park Trail

The path of the park touches the three big mountains of the Park: Morrone, Majella and Porrara. It is a long journey which takes place largely in proportion and that the most challenging section on the plateau summit of Majella

Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail goes from Sulmona to Palena, retraces dirt and easy mule tracks that were used at the end of World War II, after the armistice of 8 September 1943 by convicts escaping from prison camp Source of Love ( Sulmona) Anglo-Americans, but also South African and New Zealand, who sought salvation, guided by the partisans to the territories already liberated by the Allies.

The Huts path

The "Path of the Stone Huts" affects the municipal territories of Serramonacesca, Lettomanoppello, Roccamorice, Abbateggio and Popoli, and has been designed to allow you to visit most of the major agro-pastoral complexes in dry stone of the northern slope of the Majella .

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