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Cooperativa Majambiente

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Majambiente (Caramanico Terme - PE), born in 1994, works on sustainable nature tourism, on environmental education and hiking. It plans guided trips on the whole territory of the Majella National Park, educational activities for schools, trekking of various difficulty levels, hiking trips or snowshoes excursions to the wildest places of Majella mountains and to the many celestinians hermitages. 

Majambiente manages many Park facilities, as visitor and information centers, a CEA (Environmental Education Center) of regional interest, two museums, a wildlife fenced area and several hostels for a total of 60 beds.
Among its collaborators there are mountain, environmental and speleological guides, biologists, geologists, agronomists and art historians, environmental educators and touristic guides, all of them having the Pan Parks certification.


Cooperativa Majambiente
Via del Vivaio, s.n., 65023 Caramanico Terme (PE)
Tel. and Fax 085.922343

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